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27 Jun

Formal noun. Renaissance. A rebirth. Renewal. An evolution of ever-changing spirited bliss.

2004. No one knew the new ginger, and quite frankly, he found the tall brunette ‘intimidating.’

How life can lead you on the wildest of paths. The beginning of what would blossom in to the high-school friendship to the stars had befallen a small private school in downtown Montreal.

We are here now, as University students, to share, to laugh, to enjoy, and to indulge in the pleasures we hold dearest: Fashion, art, modernity, timeless elegance, food, colour, light and a passion for the spirit we share as unconditional friends.

Enjoy. Share. Suggest.
Requiem to the years of secondary school laughter? If you insist. We prefer revival.


Pam and Fray.