According to Fray: the knock-off bag

8 Jul

Dear women of this planet,

Although you may be able to fool us when it comes to your true feelings, compliments, and whether or not that cashmere V was actually on sale when we get the VISA bill, the one area in which fool-age is not your forte is the knock-off handbag.

Unless you think the rest of the world is blind, has never seen a high-end advertisment, or lives under a moist stone, your fake-ass Louis isn’t fooling shit.

Since Canal Street transitioned from gangster activity to the Wal-Mart of Chanel, the fake handbag has increasingly plagued the streets of our world cities- especially at home here in Montreal.

The steps to spotting the foolage are simple.

1. Does the bag’s logo make you go: the fuck? 2 O’s is not Chanel and random schizo squiggles and LC, last time I checked, was not the correct abbreviation for Louis Vuitton.

2. Chanel does not make backpacks, black on white, or quadruple ply ployester pleather purses. Just saying.

3. If you’re wearing Sketchers and a baseball cap, I’m just going to auto-assume that bag is as fake as Heidi’s tatas.

Do us all a favour and get the real deal- or better yet, buy a neutral, label-less bag. Carrying a non-label bag is not a crime, and if you can’t afford the real McCoy, don’t fake it- you’re just embarassing yourself.

Cheers from SS,

Fray x


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