According to Pam: The U2 Concert

9 Jul

I said it before and I’ll say it again, yesterday’s U2 concert encapsulated the lyric to “It’s A Beautiful Day” and the crowd at the Hippodrome certainly did not “…let that feeling get away.” Swarms of die-hards and casual listeners alike flooded the streets of Decarie to be transported into a massive world of rock music: U2ville they prefer to call it.

The lines were fast and the entire “checking-in” process went quite smoothly (I guess that’s what happens when they are no rowdy teenagers there to stagnate the flow) Beer on tap was flowing freely, Bacardi breezers were distributed in bulk and we also enjoyed some greasy concert food by indulging in coke and chips (gym time today!)

Interpol started off the show, sang for about an hour, yet the crowd was just not feeling it. They wanted U2. They needed their dose of the Irish rock legends.

Well, the stars delivered, gracing the crowd at a little after 9 p.m. and singing all the way until 11:30 p.m. Bono even spoke French, and sends all us Montrealer’s “un gros bec!” You can imagine how many middle aged women fell to their feet!

Look, the show was great, the music good, but I was never and probably will never be a major U2 fan. I know a couple songs, but that’s about it. Truth be told, my sister and I accompanied our mom- we sort of saw this as a “break even” for all the Britney Spears and Jonas Brothers concerts we would drag her to when we were younger.

She loved it. We were happy.

And today it’s happening all over again.

I recommend it. Check it out.

Hopefully this time it won’t rain.

Oh and if you tend to get motion sick-I would not recommend sitting on the bleachers. Those things jolt!

I’m off. Busy day ahead!

Pam x


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