According to Fray: an update on Luck

11 Jul

So it’s an hour to close and my store is deader than a Lacoste polo right now so I thought I would indulge in a little update.

BASICALLY,  WTF is this day. I don’t even know.

I attempted shopping at lunch, but the humidity cut off the oxygen to my brain, so prior to almost vomitting my organs out from lack of breath, I ran to the closest Starbucks for a refreshing iced Venti.

Well ladies and gentlmen, that iced Venti ended up as an iced holy f*** as it emptied itself all over my walls, floors, cash, and sales books.

The clean up has just come to a close, and I feel like I am living inside a Tassimo grinder.

Work is dead, and I’m thinking I soon will be too.

Thank the Lord for 2 days off in the countryside. Tanning oil, the water, and hopefully some extremely strong cocktails. Just what I need.

Hoping your days are a little less stressful than Pam and I’s.

Praying for a storm.

Love from ‘Saint Tropez’

-Fray x


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