According to Pam: Packing Pandemonium

11 Jul

No one, and I repeat NO ONE would want to be in my house right now. There are clothes flying EVERYWHERE, my mother is going in and out of panic attacks and my sister, well, she seems to remain unbelievably calm in times like these (then again, she’s sixteen, the drama in her clique is occupying all of her time and energy)

You may ask, what is going on Pam? Is everything ok?

To that my dears I would reply, with a smirk on my face, “Everything is fine, we’re leaving for Europe this week, which entails us to pack”

Basically packing in my household is HELL. My mom seems to stress over every detail, and remembers the days when we were younger and she would be in charge of three suitcases, not just her own. I try to keep her calm, begging to help out, but she won’t have it-look, truth be told, I think she kind of enjoys the stress (odd, I know)

I for one am playing my part. My clothes are set and placed on my bed. Aside from selecting my shoes, my clothes are ready to make their way into the luggage.

My trick? Listen closely.

Summer dressing NEEDS to be all about easy basics and bold colors, while thinking of little details (like a hair scarf or bangles) to make any outfit POP. Honestly, with a bronzed glow and aviator sunglasses- how can anyone not look FABULOUS?

Here’s a list of cute outfits posted by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere which I based my European getaway off. I hope you find them useful.

Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to make my stressed out mother a cup of coffee- or a VERY strong martini

It’s happy hour somewhere 😉

Pam x

1. Topshop Tangerine Square Crochet Edge Cover Up Kaftan $70
2. Volcom Bueno Bolsa Tote $45.50
3. Karen Walker Rover Sunglasses $180
4. Topshop Green Stripe Triangle Bead Bikini $52
5. Steve Madden Paaiige $59.46
6. Roxy Sand and Sea Beach Towel $35.50
7. Stila Petunia Convertible Color $25
8. Miu Miu Halterneck Swimsuit $215
9. Michael Stars Origami Fedora $38
10. Forever 21 Toggle Closure Beaded Necklace $9.80
11. Juicy Couture Square Silk Twill Scarf $68
12. Orly Terracotta Nail Polish $7.50


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