Daily Dribble: the Country

13 Jul

So I’m going to go all bohemian on your asses and fill you in on my 2-day absence.
Two days off from work in a row equals two days of PEACEOUTWORLD in the country and hello tanning.

I’m down in the country (not up) near the New York border roasting in this micro-climate 95F sun.

The town is basically a throw back to the 50s- or 1890s. Who knows. Nothing is relevant.

Little chalets bordering a blissfully calm bay, with blistering hot sun, roaring seadoos, and cocktail hour from 3-7 (I guess that makes it cocktail 4hours)

Basically, when in Rome, live as the Romans do. Go big or go home. Big boy toys, big boy drinks, and an abundance of opportunities to accelerate that melanoma (wear that SPF bitches. It’s not a joke)

So as I freckle here on the sea-wall, wondering what my next drink of choice will be (yes it’s 12:50pm…don’t judge just because you’re jealous), I am thinking of, well nothing.

I am on hiatus until tomorrow, when I am back to the world of working and sucking in mass quantities of CO2.
Take some time for yourself. Summer is too short to stare at the sun from your kitchen window.

Absorb that bitches rays! It may poof out one day, and you’ll be left freezing and without a tan. Now who wants that?

Fashion picks for these blissful days on the water: As little as possible. No one likes awkward farmer tans. You’re not on a farm, so excuses are minimal.
Lather it on, and take it off.
Summer glow or no-go.

Back in the city by tomorrow.
Till then albinos,

Fray x


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