According to Fray: Health

16 Jul

So I understand that I said I would be back on the blog scence after my short hiatus in the country.

Well, here I am again, blogging lakeside, and really not giving two flying Hawaiian tropic bottles about my extended absence.


What I failed to mention on my last visit is that participating in water sports (in my case tubing, because honestly, who are we kidding here)
comes dangerous consequences. After laughing at my cousin for falling off, the tube flipped, I flipped, and a whole bunch of flipping WTF shit insued.

I posted to you post-tube-flippage, so obviously I was ok, right?

Well obvi-f******-ously not, because waking up at 3 am to searing pain as if my damn appendix exploded was definitely not my idea of a Kodak memory moment of summer adventures at the lake.

After three hours of crawling on my hands and knees, losing my sight, passing out, waking up over and over to “WTF this isn’t a dream”, I finally saw the doctor, and he informed me that I suffered internal bruising and to take it easy.


Called in sick to work, grabbed that bag of peas, and peaced a mother out to the country yet again, yet this time there will be no g-damn tubing so help me God.

A little brozage, a little race change, some extra strong cocktails ce soir, and a hell of a hangover for work Sunday. What summer is really about.
Suffer the city- reap your rewards with family and friends. Live for those WTF nights of true fu**ery.

The damn sun is blaring my screen, but I will post one more time today on another sad as hell trend that I simply can’t stand- cue the violins bitches, ’cause the shits about to hit the fan about THEWHITEBELTOHNOYOUDIDN’T

Yes, guidas and guidos, that shit does not fly…ever.

Till whenever I feel like it,


-Fray x


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