According to Pam: The Ocean

26 Jul

I find myself when I come to the sea. The silence of the ocean and the breeze from the water almost seems to whisper to me what I need to hear. In fact, coming to the ocean everyday is almost therapy-spiritual and emotional release where the beauty and history that categorizes Greece can transcend any man made crisis and help you come to deep conclusions.

Not only have I discovered my roots, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the future is made in the present and we all have to appreciate what we have in front of us today so we can incorporate these memories in our everyday life.

Here, a perfect afternoon is equally as relaxing as it is picturesque. I look out at the Ionian sea from my balcony and enjoy the cool breeze as I wait for the majestic sunset to illuminate the sky in colors of orange, pink and purple.It’s therapeutic to say the least and when the sun goes down, i find comfort in knowing I’ll see it again tomorrow and hold that mental picture of the sun escaping into the ocean forever.

So here’s my advice for you, if you feel the need to go to therapy-pay tons of money to someone as you sit inside a closed space reminiscing on painful events from the past -try and refrain for a bit. Go to the ocean. Hear the waves. Feel the breeze.

I promise, everything will seem a lot clearer.

It’s really hot out in Greece today, and I would totally be contradicting myself if I preach to everyone to go to the beach and I’m sitting in my bedroom writing this post, so I’m peacing.

Off to the beach,

Pam x


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