According to Pam: The World Film Festival

19 Aug

I must admit that lately, I have been getting more and more in touch with my “artistic” side. I spent hours at museums in Athens and Paris, taking in all the culture that both beautiful cities have to offer!

I am eagerly awaiting returning to Paris and revisiting The Louvre so I can explore the rest of the art…like I told Fray yesterday , I left my heart and soul in Paris, so now I MUST go back and retrieve it 😉

As I settle back into MTL life, I was certainly excited to discover the return of the Montreal World Film Festival! The festival started yesterday and goes right through until the 28th of August. The goal and mission of the event is AWESOME…they encourage cultural diversity and understanding amongst nations, and aim to discover new talents as well as highlight cinema professionals from around the world!

As a student, I always love to support new, up-and-coming artists…because lets face it,as lame as it may sound, we ARE THE FUTURE. 

I CERTAINLY want to check out some films, and will probably bring Fray and Jess with me, so all of you can expect three (probably very different) opinions on the film we chose to see!

Off reconnecting with my “artistic” side,

– Pam x



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