According to Fray: the white belt

21 Aug

Now I’m all about following the rules of fashion- not too much white, linen as evening wear is semi-not-ok, and wearing black shoes with a black dress is kind of boring as sh*t.

I know the old rule follows that us men are meant to match our belt to our shoes, which I’m all about following. I mean, whipping out black shoes with a tan Calvin is not gonna fly, yet the rule does not apply in all cases.

When the rule definitely  does not apply is when it’s fu**ing white on white, or you’re wearing a white belt at all. Let me emphasize how absolutely repulsive this looks. You are not on the Jersey shore, nor do you live in Jersey (and if you do, then we apologize on behalf of your parents). White is not a natural leather colour…it’s not even a colour AT ALL. Wearing a white belt is, simply put, naturally impossible. And matching it to white leather shoes is completely nauseating. J. Lindeberg can be credited with this sad 450 classic, and we say shame on you J. Dillards called and they are looking for their next teen prom edition spread- and they want your outfit. This is not good.

For the sake of all our sanity, and vision, please wear natural coloured leathers in your belts and shoes. Or black. Because that’s normal. We’re all for breaking the fashion mold but white belts and shoes do not fall under the category of ‘fashion’ to begin with…so you fail. Solid attempt however (not).

As I look down at my vintage Ralph round buckle belt and tan leather boat shoes, this post confirms itself in my head. And I’m at work.

Harsh, yet further-humiliation-free,
Fray x


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