Bonjour or Hello (or both if you’re lucky)

21 Aug

Montreal from the Old Port

If you don’t live in Montreal, or have never visited us, you’re missing out. Or are you?

It’s never a safe choice.
When we started our sister ‘art scrapbook’ as we like to call it (RENASCENCE309 on tumblr), we posted this little piece, that, in our minds, perfectly describes the veritable ‘hot mess’ that is our city- the one you will come to know so well through Renascence.

La Patrie: Montreal

We have come to the conclusion that Montreal, our little floating island of love and dysfunction is the friend you love to hate.

One minute, she teases you prematurely with warmth and outdoor coffee afternoons and the next day rains sleet on your otherwise perfect day.

As summer approaches, the menopause kicks in.
Wednesday, it’s 45 Celsius and you can’t stand to even live, and the next day, that 5 disappears and you pray for pardon that you had been slightly more appreciative of the swelter.

The constancy of California is lost on this little island of love and dysfunction.

But we do love you. You overtaxed, politically crazy, European, language clashing, fashionable, beautiful, intermittent weather-torn hot mess. A conundrum.

From the rainy city that had us begging for airconditioning but hours ago.

Montreal, vous etes belle. On vous aimes. On vous deteste. Mais on reste


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