Renascence Reunites

21 Aug

As our individual days came to a close, and the cash closed at my high-end department store, nothing screamed Saturday night like a Renascence reunion.

Pam, Fray and Jess have finally reunited as summer in the big city gradually comes to a close. Pam has returned from her sejour in Greece and France, as has Jess, from Florence to Bordeaux, and I, with no time for a European getaway, quickly approach my moving date and move 3 houses all at once, my days in high-end retail slowly coming a close.

We snacked on Spanakopita, sipped on a few (or many) glasses of chilled 2009 Conundrum and Baileys foamed coffee talking Renascence. Starting early September the gang is back and in action, bringing you daily coverage of our fave hot spots, new favorites (or disasters) and the latest on street fashion (both hit and miss) in our complex, confusing, beautiful hot mess: Montreal.

The night continued as it always does, with more drinks, great music, and ridiculous behaviour, laughs, and smiles. Suffice to say from Victoria to Saint Denis to east back to west, cab rapping and taking in the ‘sights’ of a Saturday night in summer, the Renascence kids had another great summer evening.

More ridiculousness to come

Pam, Fray and Jess x


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