According to Pam: L’Avenue

22 Aug

What’s better than catching up with an old friend? Doing it over great food of course! This morning my friend Julia and I hit up L’Avenue for a late breakfast. She warned me that there might be a bit of a line, but at 11:00 am on a Monday morning, I was skeptical. Well, boy was I wrong! The line was out the door AND the only reason we got a seat after a short 15 minute wait was because we agreed to sit next to the window.

Located at the heart of the Plateau, L’Avenue serves up AWESOME breakfasts, brunches and lunches! The meals are kinda pricey, but the portions HUGE-so you really are getting enough bang for your buck 😉

The ambiance is also really cool-it kinda reminded me of a hip place you would find in New York. It’s small and super narrow, but the entire wall is decked out in a graffiti like design-and there’s a motor cycle suspended from the ceiling!! (not gonna lie, this kinda freaked me out-I tend to dislike large and heavy objects floating over my head)

Most importantly, the food was really good! I opted for a lighter breakfast of yogurt and granola, which was served in a huge parfait glass. Julia tried the goat cheese omelette, which was served with baked potatoes and a fruit kabob. The portion was huge-two could have easily shared! I hear the eggs benedict is supposed to also be popular and delicious and the smoothies super tasty and thick.

Would I go back? Sure. I’m not a huge fan of waiting in line and sitting in tight and narrow spaces, but I would probably make an exception. The Plateau  is adorable and something new from the downtown, St-Catherine area that I tend to stick around.

Final Verdict: I recommend it. Anything that reminds me of New York City makes my “good” list.


– Pam x


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