According to Fray

To set the record straight, my name is actually Fraser. But in a world of growing acronyms and name shortening, I said what the hell at 13 years old and allowed Fray to happen, and, to be honest and corny, I find it cute. So there. Suffice to say my mother isn’t pleased, but you can’t get ’em all, nor do I remember the last time I called anyone by their full name anyway. The times be a chagin’.

And with that in mind, welcome! I’m a university student studying Communications in Montreal, and I have both a mind and a mouth on me. I will be the first to set the record straight, and tell it how it is.

Fake is so high-school, and I can’t stand to see another matching set of white belts with white shoes so I am here to rant, rave, dish and spill about fashion and the ‘good times’ in Montreal, as well as ‘co-cover’ events and the like in and around this magically frustrating yet beautiful city with my co-bloggers and best friends, Pam and Jess (see- they don’t have full names either).

With an eye for style, and a love for all things that excite and inspire, I give you my Montreal. According to Fray.

A rose by any other name still smells as sweet, but sweet is not my middle name.

x Fray


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