According to Jess

Montreal is truly a city of its own kind. The suburban life is but a distant memory when one steps foot onto the downtown streets, where the Quebec pride somehow manages to perfectly pair with the European flair. Although our city is world-renowned for its cultural diversity, greasy poutine, bring-your-own-wine restaurants, and animalistic hockey fans, there is something special here for everyone, allowing each Montrealer to develop their own ties to this place.

So where do I fit in? I’m a city girl, no doubt about it. I live for the lights, music, people, noise, and style. You can often find me scoping out the latest trends, trying out new restaurants, and sipping cocktails on various rooftop terraces. The most important things in my life are my family and friends (love you Pam and Fray), great food and wine, and of course, fashion. I will use this blog as an outlet for ravings about great restaurants, as well as comments on Montreal street style, providing my own personal fashion tips every now and then! Fashion is definitely the name of the game; and that’s one game I’m always in the mood to play-IN HEELS.

My wardrobe, just like my palette, is totally wild and adventurous. I love to take risks: not athletically speaking, but more so from the food and fashion aspects. Whether or not you agree with my style or cuisine choices, you can surely find something entertaining in my posts, at the very least.

Much love,



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