According to Pam

My name is Pamela, Pam for short. I am a free-thinker and open-minded individual, always looking for something new and exciting to learn and discover. I love spending time with my family and friends and taking on new adventures in the city I know and love: Montreal.

One of my passions: Travel. Going out, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures intrigues me. From the big city lights, to the small beach towns, I love it all. I admit, I tend to hold on to memories for a while, and I have a hard time letting go and distancing myself from places I love. So, I embarked on a mission, a constant lookout you might call it, for places here, in MTL, that remind me of my trips abroad.

It’s not easy (I mean really, can clubs in MTL really top those in Mykonos?) but I have come pretty close to finding awesome locations much closer to home!

I live here. I shop here. I eat here. Why not spread the word on all the awesome locations I discover?

Lets take this journey together and discover all that MTL has to offer.


Pam x


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