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Renascence Tip…

11 Sep

It’s a new week, try and achieve all of the above.

– Pam, Fray and Jess xxx


Men Favor Brunettes and Curves?

2 Sep

Last night was just one of those nights when I COULD NOT fall asleep. What’s a girl to do at 5 am? Look aimlessly through twitter ūüėČ One of my fave bloggers Julie ( tweeted about a ¬†recent UK study (which I’ll link down below) which was aimed at discovering which physical features men found most attractive in women.

To my surprise (I thought guys loved skinny blondes) approximately 60 percent of the 2,000 men polled said they preferred women with darker hair (33.1 percent chose brown hair and 28.6 selected black hair). Blonde hair received 29.5 percent of the votes.

The study also surveyed men about the size of women they prefer. According to the Huffington Post‚Äôs conversion from UK sizes to US sizes, ‚Äú38.8 percent of men actually favor a pretty average girl ‚ÄĒ about a size 8 or 10. Only ten percent of British males find a size 2 or size 4 woman most attractive.‚ÄĚ

So, there you go gals, indulge in that extra piece of chocolate, eat some pizza.

Now if only we could all look like Sofia Vergara (sigh)

I hope this article boosted your self-esteem ladies, it sure helped mine ūüėČ


_ Pam x

UK study:


2 Sep

According to Fray: white after Labour Day

26 Aug

Labour day is in 6 short days, and following fast behind is the old adage that states that we must refrain from wearing white as of the 1st of September. Our general response to this is usually “but of course!” but should really be, “what the hell?” Funerals¬†and weddings are the only occasions in which white should be banned and even at that, you won’t get a ticket for sporting the blank.

No one really¬†knows where this ‘rule’ of fashion stems from. Some research has pointed to the temperature, as white is a¬†reflector of the sun, and should only be worn in summer. Other sources state that the from the late 19th century up until the 1950’s, the burgeoning middle class, with a growing interest in fashion, were not fully aware of the ‘regulations,’ and¬† ‘no white after Labour day’ was one of the guidelines. Various other sources state religion¬†as the reason behind this mysterious rule, ¬†pointing out that white¬†is ‘an Easter colour,’ and one should refrain from wearing it any other time of the year. Most state that the¬†dull, baron¬†winter is no time for¬†the colour of what crunches beneath your feet (or¬†has buried your car).¬†Southern Belles would agree, but without any concrete reasoning behind the banning of white after an otherwise meaningless holiday, we say scrap what ‘history’ says, and wear what you like (within reason of course! This is not a free for all).

White is light, neutral, and comfortable. It keeps us looking tan (reason enough for anyone, fellow albinos), and is a perfect layering colour and concealer…as it isn’t even a colour at all!

And if you really can’t manage to offend the fashion gods, then wear beige instead. You know I¬†will!

Autumn will kick in soon enough, and the hell that is winter is a close second. Do you really need an unsupported rule of nothing bossing you around about what to wear? This isn’t casual dress day.

Live a little. Stay tan. Wear white.

Death to colour,
Fray x

Renascence Loves…CALLIA

24 Aug

Come on people, let‚Äôs face it, there is nothing cooler than knowing a celebrity. As much as we like to poke fun at their lives and scrutinize their every move, we all kinda wish we would ‚Äúcasually‚ÄĚ bump into them.

So imagine how excited we were when we found out that one of OUR friends is on the road to stardom!!!

Going by the name CALLIA, she is an unsigned artist, vocalist & musician who writes her own lyrics & co-produces all her own, original music. Amazing right? She plays the piano, sings like an angel AND she lives right here in MTL. Renascence supports you 100% Call, and we can’t wait to hear more of your singles once they drop September 1!

‚ÄúLike‚ÄĚ her on facebook and follow her on youtube and twitter, we‚Äôll post the link down below.

You never know-play the cards right-and you could get to know a REAL celeb.

Off being star struck (and listening to CALLIA’s new tunes)

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pam, Fray and Jess xx




Renascence thanks…Maria Boggia!!

24 Aug

How did all of you spend your Tuesday afternoon? Well, the Renascence team hit up the Westmount lookout to have a fabulous photoshoot! (Thank god we made it before the rain, we were seriously going to freak if our coordinated outfits were rained on!)

We had a blast-and the promo pics look awesome; however, the one person we owe all of this to is our photographer and friend, Maria Boggia! Maria is AMAZING at organizing fabulous photoshoots-and more of her stellar work is yet to come on Renascence! 

We thank you so much Maria, from the bottom of our hearts for photographing us today!

Here’s to many more fabulous photos!

Champagne showers,

– Fray, Pam and Jess xxx

According to Fray: the white belt

21 Aug

Now I’m all about following the rules of fashion- not too much white, linen as evening wear is semi-not-ok, and wearing black shoes with a black dress is kind of boring as sh*t.

I know the old rule follows that us men are meant to match our belt to our shoes, which I’m all about following. I mean, whipping out black shoes with¬†a tan Calvin is not gonna fly, yet the rule does not apply in all cases.

When the rule definitely¬† does not apply is when it’s fu**ing white on white, or you’re wearing a white belt at all. Let me emphasize how absolutely repulsive this looks. You are not on the Jersey shore, nor do you live in Jersey (and if you do, then we apologize on behalf of your parents). White is not a natural leather colour…it’s not even a colour AT ALL. Wearing a white belt is, simply put, naturally impossible. And matching it to white leather shoes is completely nauseating. J. Lindeberg can be credited with this sad 450 classic, and we say shame on you J. Dillards called and they are looking for their next teen prom edition spread- and they want your outfit. This is not good.

For the sake of all our sanity, and vision, please wear natural coloured leathers in your belts and shoes. Or black. Because that’s normal. We’re all for breaking the fashion mold but white belts and shoes do not fall under the category of ‘fashion’ to begin with…so you fail. Solid attempt however (not).

As I look down at my vintage Ralph round buckle belt and tan leather boat shoes, this post confirms itself in my head. And I’m at work.

Harsh, yet further-humiliation-free,
Fray x