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Renascence Tip…

11 Sep

It’s a new week, try and achieve all of the above.

– Pam, Fray and Jess xxx


Men Favor Brunettes and Curves?

2 Sep

Last night was just one of those nights when I COULD NOT fall asleep. What’s a girl to do at 5 am? Look aimlessly through twitter 😉 One of my fave bloggers Julie ( tweeted about a  recent UK study (which I’ll link down below) which was aimed at discovering which physical features men found most attractive in women.

To my surprise (I thought guys loved skinny blondes) approximately 60 percent of the 2,000 men polled said they preferred women with darker hair (33.1 percent chose brown hair and 28.6 selected black hair). Blonde hair received 29.5 percent of the votes.

The study also surveyed men about the size of women they prefer. According to the Huffington Post’s conversion from UK sizes to US sizes, “38.8 percent of men actually favor a pretty average girl — about a size 8 or 10. Only ten percent of British males find a size 2 or size 4 woman most attractive.”

So, there you go gals, indulge in that extra piece of chocolate, eat some pizza.

Now if only we could all look like Sofia Vergara (sigh)

I hope this article boosted your self-esteem ladies, it sure helped mine 😉


_ Pam x

UK study:


2 Sep

According to Jess: The Extension of Something Old into Something New

30 Aug

We’ve already established my obsession with food, but I’m about to shed light on my other passion: SHOES. That’s right people: I am a shoe-aholic. When it comes to heels, the higher the better, the flatter the never. One of my favourite shoe designers is ex-model (and still gorgeous) Brian Atwood. His beautiful creations have graced the feet of many members of Hollywood Royalty – including Rachel Bilson, Olivia Palermo, and Emma Stone (and probably all of their friends).

I am proud to announce that the long-time designer has just dipped his own feet into the middle market by designing a lower priced line entitled B by Brian Atwood. The shoes of the new line, priced approximately $275-$995, feature the Brian Atwood charm that the fans love, such as rich hues, eccentric textures, and of course sky-rocketing height!

Another Brian Atwood mega-fan is celebrity-stylist-turned-reality TV star-turned-fashion-designer AKA my idol Rachel Zoe. After successfully providing the Rachel Zoe luxe, boho-chic aura to the public with her clothing line for QVC, Zoe has decided to create a more haute line sold at high-end department stores across North America including Holt Renfrew, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The new, highly coveted (at least by me!) clothing line features classic staples with a significant Rachel Zoe-feel. Boasting wide-leg trousers exactly like those Zoe is frequently spotted in, tailored jackets (again, her own-closet inspiration), retro dresses made of sequins and ruffles, and one ridiculously gorgeous, rich, camel-toned cape that I NEED TO OWN.

All in all, real-life-best-buds Brian Atwood and Rachel Zoe have used their previous successes to debut their new collections, and in both cases, they did good work! Be sure to check out these new additions to the fabulous fashion world before the cold weather kicks in. After all, what’s the purpose of autumn if not to wear wool trousers, deep colours, and suede booties?!

Until next time,


According to Jess: Vacation Living and Eating

28 Aug

As much as I love our beautiful city, winter’s -30 degree weather has made the hot, sunny beaches of Florida into my winter getaway! I love the Florida weather, the family time, the shopping, and of course, the eating (clearly, in case you haven’t figured it out, eating is my favourite sport). There is something so wonderful about blissfully cracking open crab legs while looking out into the endless ocean.

Unfortunately, there is no beautiful ocean to stare into in Montreal. However, the next best thing is Lucille’s Oyster Dive: a seafood restaurant on Monkland that offers some of the freshest seafood and the best Florida-esque environment in Montreal! When I first walked in, I felt like I was in Miami beach! The restaurant boasts a beach-shack style bar and terrace with a decor that only emphasizes the feeling of being on vacation! What could be better, after a long day at work, than having a few oysters with a glass of Champagne in a trendy, relaxed environment?!

Lucille’s offers a number of appetizers, including all of the “seafood favourites” like clams, mussels, and calamari! In fact, I opted for two appetizers instead of a main course, since I couldn’t make up my mind! I had the tuna tartare with black sesame seeds, sesame oil and soya, as well as the lobster salad: both of which were super fresh, and really gave off the impression that the chefs REALLY CARE about food!

The main courses all looked scrumptious as thankfully, since I only had two appetizers, I had enough room to pick off of everyone’s plate!! They have everything from seafood platters to steaks and hamburgers, mostly accompanied by deliciously light side salads and super crispy fries. It seems like the most popular dish is the Lobster Roll, as everyone around me was eating it!!! 

I give this place a double thumbs up for excellent food and wine, friendly staff, and well-suited decor. I truly felt like I was on vacation!! I know you may be skeptical of seafood in a city with no sea…BUT DON’T BE!! Try it for yourself, and you’ll know what I mean!

Until next time,


Renascence Loves…CALLIA

24 Aug

Come on people, let’s face it, there is nothing cooler than knowing a celebrity. As much as we like to poke fun at their lives and scrutinize their every move, we all kinda wish we would “casually” bump into them.

So imagine how excited we were when we found out that one of OUR friends is on the road to stardom!!!

Going by the name CALLIA, she is an unsigned artist, vocalist & musician who writes her own lyrics & co-produces all her own, original music. Amazing right? She plays the piano, sings like an angel AND she lives right here in MTL. Renascence supports you 100% Call, and we can’t wait to hear more of your singles once they drop September 1!

“Like” her on facebook and follow her on youtube and twitter, we’ll post the link down below.

You never know-play the cards right-and you could get to know a REAL celeb.

Off being star struck (and listening to CALLIA’s new tunes)

–      Pam, Fray and Jess xx




According to Jess: The Raw Factor

24 Aug

The weather this summer has been pretty hot, and a few things have kept me going: huge sunnies, strapless maxis, chilled white wine, and, of course, light summery meals. My summer food staples? Big salads containing everything but the kitchen sink, and tartare.

Salmon and tuna tartare have been favourites of mine for as long as I can remember. So, when I found out about Marche 27, a tartare bar on Prince Arthur, my blackberry was already making a reservation! The restaurant itself is quaint, yet chic, and is conveniently located 12 steps from the great nightlife of St. Laurent street, making this spot a perfect destination for a bite/drink with friends before a night on the town.

The menu: they offer several different raw fishes and meats (in 2 different sized portions), as well as an extensive list of marinates. It’s simple: mix and match! Never being one to shy away from trying new foods, I decided on a Japanese style tuna, a Mediterranean style salmon, a French style Duck, and a spicy Deer. Each dish was plated in a creative way, with different crackers/chips to accompany the main attraction. While each tartare had a distinct taste, they were all super delicious and very fresh, not to mention quite affordable.

The restaurant also had a pleasing wine list, and a great selection of appetizers and other plates. I started with a beet, arugula and goat cheese salad! YUM!

My only complaint? The service was a bit slow… but I had great company, and the ambiance was nice enough to keep me busy- and bring me back again!

Try it out! I give it a thumbs up for the presentation, taste, and atmosphere.

Enjoy the last few summer nights: the leaves will be changing colours soon enough.

Much love,