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According to Pam: Montreal Fashion Week

31 Aug

Hello, me again 🙂 I know I posted on Monday, and technically Wednesday is Fray’s day, but with his big move to the city he is “internet-less” for the next week!! So, I’ll be filling in today, blogging about an event that I am SUPER PUMPED about: Montreal Fashion Week. It’s true, just like New York and Paris, MTL has a fashion week of its own, and it’s happening the week of September 5th with most events taking place at Bonsecours Market. The shows are in collaboration with ELLE Quebec and the event itself is said to be ONE OF THE MOST GLAMOUROUS EVENTS in MTL. Tickets are still on sale for select designers (DUY, Dimitri Chris, Travis Taddeo) online at and are going for $27,50 plus taxes!

PB&J (Pam, Ballard (which is Fray’s last name) and Jess- how cute is that?) looked at the shows: but we just could not find an event that fit in with our busy work and school schedules 😦

But, fear not my friends, are we really ones to miss out on such a FABULOUS event? On September 8th between 4pm and 12 am, we are going to be roaming St-Paul street, which will be closed off to vehicular traffic, for the annual “Soirée des Galleries!!

The tour of art galleries will unfold in the streets of Old Montréal to showcase the creative talent that thrives here at home! At the heart of this unique evening, an urban crowd for whom creativity is definitely in fashion!  To make your way around, simply follow the red carpets that will line the streets of Old Montreal along the trendiest route in town.  The participating galleries are listed on the Montreal Fashion Week website that I have listed above, make sure to check them out!


Ok, I have an appointment in 20 minutes (think I’ll make it?)

Off in a hury!

– Pam x


According to Pam: Ibiza Occident

27 Aug

As soon as I saw a write up describing Gunter Schwalger’s documentary “Ibiza Occident” in the Gazette yesterday, I was instantly intrigued. The film is being featured at the World Film Festival this weekend only at theaters in the “Quartier Latin” district.

Although I’ve never been to Ibiza, I have ALWAYS wanted to go! Why do I have a feeling that this film will take me on a pre-trip journey through the crowded streets and music filled club scene? 😉

What do you all think? Is it worth the movie ticket??

– Pam x

Renascence Loves…CALLIA

24 Aug

Come on people, let’s face it, there is nothing cooler than knowing a celebrity. As much as we like to poke fun at their lives and scrutinize their every move, we all kinda wish we would “casually” bump into them.

So imagine how excited we were when we found out that one of OUR friends is on the road to stardom!!!

Going by the name CALLIA, she is an unsigned artist, vocalist & musician who writes her own lyrics & co-produces all her own, original music. Amazing right? She plays the piano, sings like an angel AND she lives right here in MTL. Renascence supports you 100% Call, and we can’t wait to hear more of your singles once they drop September 1!

“Like” her on facebook and follow her on youtube and twitter, we’ll post the link down below.

You never know-play the cards right-and you could get to know a REAL celeb.

Off being star struck (and listening to CALLIA’s new tunes)

–      Pam, Fray and Jess xx




Renascence Reunites

21 Aug

As our individual days came to a close, and the cash closed at my high-end department store, nothing screamed Saturday night like a Renascence reunion.

Pam, Fray and Jess have finally reunited as summer in the big city gradually comes to a close. Pam has returned from her sejour in Greece and France, as has Jess, from Florence to Bordeaux, and I, with no time for a European getaway, quickly approach my moving date and move 3 houses all at once, my days in high-end retail slowly coming a close.

We snacked on Spanakopita, sipped on a few (or many) glasses of chilled 2009 Conundrum and Baileys foamed coffee talking Renascence. Starting early September the gang is back and in action, bringing you daily coverage of our fave hot spots, new favorites (or disasters) and the latest on street fashion (both hit and miss) in our complex, confusing, beautiful hot mess: Montreal.

The night continued as it always does, with more drinks, great music, and ridiculous behaviour, laughs, and smiles. Suffice to say from Victoria to Saint Denis to east back to west, cab rapping and taking in the ‘sights’ of a Saturday night in summer, the Renascence kids had another great summer evening.

More ridiculousness to come

Pam, Fray and Jess x

According to Pam: The World Film Festival

19 Aug

I must admit that lately, I have been getting more and more in touch with my “artistic” side. I spent hours at museums in Athens and Paris, taking in all the culture that both beautiful cities have to offer!

I am eagerly awaiting returning to Paris and revisiting The Louvre so I can explore the rest of the art…like I told Fray yesterday , I left my heart and soul in Paris, so now I MUST go back and retrieve it 😉

As I settle back into MTL life, I was certainly excited to discover the return of the Montreal World Film Festival! The festival started yesterday and goes right through until the 28th of August. The goal and mission of the event is AWESOME…they encourage cultural diversity and understanding amongst nations, and aim to discover new talents as well as highlight cinema professionals from around the world!

As a student, I always love to support new, up-and-coming artists…because lets face it,as lame as it may sound, we ARE THE FUTURE. 

I CERTAINLY want to check out some films, and will probably bring Fray and Jess with me, so all of you can expect three (probably very different) opinions on the film we chose to see!

Off reconnecting with my “artistic” side,

– Pam x


According to Pam: The U2 Concert

9 Jul

I said it before and I’ll say it again, yesterday’s U2 concert encapsulated the lyric to “It’s A Beautiful Day” and the crowd at the Hippodrome certainly did not “…let that feeling get away.” Swarms of die-hards and casual listeners alike flooded the streets of Decarie to be transported into a massive world of rock music: U2ville they prefer to call it.

The lines were fast and the entire “checking-in” process went quite smoothly (I guess that’s what happens when they are no rowdy teenagers there to stagnate the flow) Beer on tap was flowing freely, Bacardi breezers were distributed in bulk and we also enjoyed some greasy concert food by indulging in coke and chips (gym time today!)

Interpol started off the show, sang for about an hour, yet the crowd was just not feeling it. They wanted U2. They needed their dose of the Irish rock legends.

Well, the stars delivered, gracing the crowd at a little after 9 p.m. and singing all the way until 11:30 p.m. Bono even spoke French, and sends all us Montrealer’s “un gros bec!” You can imagine how many middle aged women fell to their feet!

Look, the show was great, the music good, but I was never and probably will never be a major U2 fan. I know a couple songs, but that’s about it. Truth be told, my sister and I accompanied our mom- we sort of saw this as a “break even” for all the Britney Spears and Jonas Brothers concerts we would drag her to when we were younger.

She loved it. We were happy.

And today it’s happening all over again.

I recommend it. Check it out.

Hopefully this time it won’t rain.

Oh and if you tend to get motion sick-I would not recommend sitting on the bleachers. Those things jolt!

I’m off. Busy day ahead!

Pam x

A Beautiful Night

9 Jul

What. A. Show.

There were highlights and some pitfalls to tonight’s concert-and I’m sure you’re all eager to hear what I thought of the U2 360 degrees tour 😉

Await feedback tomorrow my darlings

Off to bed,

Pam x