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According to Pam: Fur is Back

9 Jan

After spending my two week winter break reading (magazines of course), I seem to have come to a conclusion: Fur is totally back.

Even though this fashion staple has been popular for a few seasons, it keeps reappearing on runways for it luxurious feel and classic touch that designers love.

In fact, I bought my first fur vest just a few weeks ago. I used to find the trend a tad too pretentious and “madame” for my style, but as I looked through magazines and catalogues over break, I noticed that fur details were not too mature at all, but rather trendy and fashionable.

I noticed fur trimming collars and cuffs of jackets or skirts, which puts a playful spin on boring and dark winter apparel.

Also, fur shrugs have grown in popularity this season. My opinion: A fur shrug should be a staple in every fashionista’s closet. My fur vest keeps me warm (well, kinda), looks cute and makes me feel much more glammed up when I’m wearing it. Pair it with a chunky watch and studs for a put together, boho look.

Finally accessories such as hats, boots, gloves and even bags are highlighting the trend. I haven’t personally seen any around yet, but I find something cute about a fur clutch-don’t you?

The final verdict: I recommend everyone purchasing at least one warm and furry item (whether it be real or faux).

It looks like this trend is going to stay around for a while.


Now I am going to finish the last few pages of this month’s Vogue-school starts tomorrow-why do I have a feeling my magazine reading won’t last very long?


Pam x


According to Pam: Pinterest

24 Sep

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet lately. In class, after class, at home- you name it. My latest obsession: Pinterest. It reminds me a bit of tumblr- but if it’s possible-it’s kinda better. Now don’t get me wrong, I could spend hours on tumblr, but the best thing about pinterest is that the pictures are classified under “events,” “recipes,” “photography,” “home decor” etc. You then “pin” the picture to one of your “boards” which are titled Favourite Recipes, Party Ideas or My Style. It’s kind of like an online scrapbook. I’ve started my own account and have started collecting my fave pics, I’ll post it on the blog once I’ve accumulated enough material.

I highly suggest you check out this site, it’s so much fun looking through the pages (and not to mention a total and complete distraction) The picture I’ve attached to my post is one of my faves, anyone share my love for pink outdoor parties?

Comment if you love this site as much as I do.

Ok, I’m off, I need to decide what to wear tonight. Did I mention that I have absolutely NO OUTFIT IDEAS and am leaving in 10 minutes? Wish me luck.

-Pam xx

According to Jess: The Extension of Something Old into Something New

30 Aug

We’ve already established my obsession with food, but I’m about to shed light on my other passion: SHOES. That’s right people: I am a shoe-aholic. When it comes to heels, the higher the better, the flatter the never. One of my favourite shoe designers is ex-model (and still gorgeous) Brian Atwood. His beautiful creations have graced the feet of many members of Hollywood Royalty – including Rachel Bilson, Olivia Palermo, and Emma Stone (and probably all of their friends).

I am proud to announce that the long-time designer has just dipped his own feet into the middle market by designing a lower priced line entitled B by Brian Atwood. The shoes of the new line, priced approximately $275-$995, feature the Brian Atwood charm that the fans love, such as rich hues, eccentric textures, and of course sky-rocketing height!

Another Brian Atwood mega-fan is celebrity-stylist-turned-reality TV star-turned-fashion-designer AKA my idol Rachel Zoe. After successfully providing the Rachel Zoe luxe, boho-chic aura to the public with her clothing line for QVC, Zoe has decided to create a more haute line sold at high-end department stores across North America including Holt Renfrew, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The new, highly coveted (at least by me!) clothing line features classic staples with a significant Rachel Zoe-feel. Boasting wide-leg trousers exactly like those Zoe is frequently spotted in, tailored jackets (again, her own-closet inspiration), retro dresses made of sequins and ruffles, and one ridiculously gorgeous, rich, camel-toned cape that I NEED TO OWN.

All in all, real-life-best-buds Brian Atwood and Rachel Zoe have used their previous successes to debut their new collections, and in both cases, they did good work! Be sure to check out these new additions to the fabulous fashion world before the cold weather kicks in. After all, what’s the purpose of autumn if not to wear wool trousers, deep colours, and suede booties?!

Until next time,


According to Pam: Native Prints

29 Aug

School is starting, the weather is getting cooler and my nail polish color is getting progressively darker as the weeks pass. This can only mean one thing: Fall is here. Although I’m super bummed that summer is over-I am excited to see all my friends again (and read an actual book-I somehow made myself think that the July issue of Glamour was an intellectual and insightful read.)

Which Fall 2011 trend am loving right now? Native American Prints. It started in the spring and summer with Tory Burch’s bright printed skirts, and now we’re getting the prints in slightly more subtle, rich autumn colors. If prints are not really your thing- rich, deep colors such as different shades of orange, brown and purple are also appearing on the runways-completing the crazier patterns that designers like Sass&Bide and Free People are creating.

I saw these prints and colors when I spent a few days in Paris this summer and fell in love. I’m planning on hitting up TNT, Holts and Influence U in an attempt to find some crucial pieces-as well as Mango, Zara and Forever 21 for staples that will complete my outfit.

Accessories are a big one too! Think shaded fringe shell necklaces, colorful beads and tons of feathers. I saw a really cute pair of feather earrings at Editorial (1455 Stanley) that I absolutely fell in love with!

I’ve always wanted to try a more “Boho-chic” look, this trend is exactly what I needed to give me that added push.

Off shopping,

Pam xx

According to Fray: white after Labour Day

26 Aug

Labour day is in 6 short days, and following fast behind is the old adage that states that we must refrain from wearing white as of the 1st of September. Our general response to this is usually “but of course!” but should really be, “what the hell?” Funerals and weddings are the only occasions in which white should be banned and even at that, you won’t get a ticket for sporting the blank.

No one really knows where this ‘rule’ of fashion stems from. Some research has pointed to the temperature, as white is a reflector of the sun, and should only be worn in summer. Other sources state that the from the late 19th century up until the 1950’s, the burgeoning middle class, with a growing interest in fashion, were not fully aware of the ‘regulations,’ and  ‘no white after Labour day’ was one of the guidelines. Various other sources state religion as the reason behind this mysterious rule,  pointing out that white is ‘an Easter colour,’ and one should refrain from wearing it any other time of the year. Most state that the dull, baron winter is no time for the colour of what crunches beneath your feet (or has buried your car). Southern Belles would agree, but without any concrete reasoning behind the banning of white after an otherwise meaningless holiday, we say scrap what ‘history’ says, and wear what you like (within reason of course! This is not a free for all).

White is light, neutral, and comfortable. It keeps us looking tan (reason enough for anyone, fellow albinos), and is a perfect layering colour and concealer…as it isn’t even a colour at all!

And if you really can’t manage to offend the fashion gods, then wear beige instead. You know I will!

Autumn will kick in soon enough, and the hell that is winter is a close second. Do you really need an unsupported rule of nothing bossing you around about what to wear? This isn’t casual dress day.

Live a little. Stay tan. Wear white.

Death to colour,
Fray x

According to Fray: the white belt

21 Aug

Now I’m all about following the rules of fashion- not too much white, linen as evening wear is semi-not-ok, and wearing black shoes with a black dress is kind of boring as sh*t.

I know the old rule follows that us men are meant to match our belt to our shoes, which I’m all about following. I mean, whipping out black shoes with a tan Calvin is not gonna fly, yet the rule does not apply in all cases.

When the rule definitely  does not apply is when it’s fu**ing white on white, or you’re wearing a white belt at all. Let me emphasize how absolutely repulsive this looks. You are not on the Jersey shore, nor do you live in Jersey (and if you do, then we apologize on behalf of your parents). White is not a natural leather colour…it’s not even a colour AT ALL. Wearing a white belt is, simply put, naturally impossible. And matching it to white leather shoes is completely nauseating. J. Lindeberg can be credited with this sad 450 classic, and we say shame on you J. Dillards called and they are looking for their next teen prom edition spread- and they want your outfit. This is not good.

For the sake of all our sanity, and vision, please wear natural coloured leathers in your belts and shoes. Or black. Because that’s normal. We’re all for breaking the fashion mold but white belts and shoes do not fall under the category of ‘fashion’ to begin with…so you fail. Solid attempt however (not).

As I look down at my vintage Ralph round buckle belt and tan leather boat shoes, this post confirms itself in my head. And I’m at work.

Harsh, yet further-humiliation-free,
Fray x

According to Pam: Packing Pandemonium

11 Jul

No one, and I repeat NO ONE would want to be in my house right now. There are clothes flying EVERYWHERE, my mother is going in and out of panic attacks and my sister, well, she seems to remain unbelievably calm in times like these (then again, she’s sixteen, the drama in her clique is occupying all of her time and energy)

You may ask, what is going on Pam? Is everything ok?

To that my dears I would reply, with a smirk on my face, “Everything is fine, we’re leaving for Europe this week, which entails us to pack”

Basically packing in my household is HELL. My mom seems to stress over every detail, and remembers the days when we were younger and she would be in charge of three suitcases, not just her own. I try to keep her calm, begging to help out, but she won’t have it-look, truth be told, I think she kind of enjoys the stress (odd, I know)

I for one am playing my part. My clothes are set and placed on my bed. Aside from selecting my shoes, my clothes are ready to make their way into the luggage.

My trick? Listen closely.

Summer dressing NEEDS to be all about easy basics and bold colors, while thinking of little details (like a hair scarf or bangles) to make any outfit POP. Honestly, with a bronzed glow and aviator sunglasses- how can anyone not look FABULOUS?

Here’s a list of cute outfits posted by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere which I based my European getaway off. I hope you find them useful.

Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to make my stressed out mother a cup of coffee- or a VERY strong martini

It’s happy hour somewhere 😉

Pam x

1. Topshop Tangerine Square Crochet Edge Cover Up Kaftan $70
2. Volcom Bueno Bolsa Tote $45.50
3. Karen Walker Rover Sunglasses $180
4. Topshop Green Stripe Triangle Bead Bikini $52
5. Steve Madden Paaiige $59.46
6. Roxy Sand and Sea Beach Towel $35.50
7. Stila Petunia Convertible Color $25
8. Miu Miu Halterneck Swimsuit $215
9. Michael Stars Origami Fedora $38
10. Forever 21 Toggle Closure Beaded Necklace $9.80
11. Juicy Couture Square Silk Twill Scarf $68
12. Orly Terracotta Nail Polish $7.50