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According to Pam:

14 Jul

I’m kind of a blog freak. I could waste hours on end flipping through pages and pages of health, fashion or lifestyle blogs alike! So you can imagine how excited I was to come across a brand new page to STALK OUT. is highlighted in Shape and InStyle magazine and has even been featured on popular TV shows like Ellen and Oprah. Real life best friends and business partners (sounds familiar to me and Fray) Katrina and Karena started this blog a couple years back to help spread the word on how EASY it is to lead a healthy lifestyle!

The blog contains YouTube vids on how to shape and tone your rockin’ bod, recipes, a diet plan, beauty advice and more!

The girls are also in a partnership with Jane Fonda and are in the midst of creating a new workout brand- naming them as the “younger generation of fitness”

You can follow Karena and Katrina on facebook and twitter, and with bikini season underway, I know I am certainly going to!

I mean come on, with over 17 million views on their fitness videos, they must be doing something right.


Ok, I’m off to the airport soon.

Catch ya from the sky,

Pam x