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According to Jess: Young, and already an Icon

8 Jan

I’d like to ring in the New Year by giving some attention to an underestimated fashion star. Most known for her role as the bitch on MTV’s “The City”, Olivia Palermo’s constant effortless chic is inspirational to fashion bloggers/lovers everywhere. Every time she steps out onto the streets, the paparazzi seem to find her, always impeccably dressed.
Olivia’s go-to look is usually menswear-inspired, mostly perfectly executed femme-fatale. She brings new meaning to neutrals, always polished yet never boring, pairing classic pieces with subtle pops of an inner wild side others didn’t know she had. Whether in YSL, Prada, or any other creation of the fashion gods, Olivia always seems to embody power and independence, but also true femininity.

While her TV career was short-lived, her fashion life seems to be ever-lasting. Always on trend, Olivia is already a true style icon.

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New Year, More Fun: Bring on the Wild Times

30 Dec

So it’s been a while, but Renascence is back and ready for action!

Life has been so fabulously hectic and ferociously wild for the last little while, leaving us virtually speechless (a rare symptom for us!). But no worries, because as the new year approaches, sparkly mini dresses and overflowing glasses of champagne in tow, the three of us are looking forward to kicking off a new year with Renascence.

As we grow older, the cheesiness of a New Year seems to grow: whether you make resolutions or not, the new year allows for renewal and change, and we here at Renascence are using this time to reflect on the past and find fashionable ways to upgrade whatever we can.Get ready for more restaurant raves, fab fashion finds, and super-bitchy fashion critiques.

Wishing all our readers the most spectacular New Years and a year of good health, happiness, fashion “moments”, and of course, excessive partying.

Much Love


Salad recipe from yesterday’s post!

6 Sep

Sorry guys!

Here it goes 🙂


1 lb assorted beets such as red, yellow and striped

Mixed greens such as baby spinach, arugula and field mix

1 cup walnut halves

1 cup unripened goat cheese (such as Tournevent)


1/2 cup chopped shallots

1 1/2 cups port wine

2 tsps of sugar

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

1 tsp salt

1 1/4 cups olive oil


To roast the beets:

Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Wrap beets in aluminum foil, shiny side facing in, and place in shallow baking tray. Roast for 40-90 minutes or until pierced easily with a knife.


Source: “Montreal Cooks: Recipes from Montreal’s Finest Restaurants”


24 Aug!/renascence309

Bonjour or Hello (or both if you’re lucky)

21 Aug

Montreal from the Old Port

If you don’t live in Montreal, or have never visited us, you’re missing out. Or are you?

It’s never a safe choice.
When we started our sister ‘art scrapbook’ as we like to call it (RENASCENCE309 on tumblr), we posted this little piece, that, in our minds, perfectly describes the veritable ‘hot mess’ that is our city- the one you will come to know so well through Renascence.

La Patrie: Montreal

We have come to the conclusion that Montreal, our little floating island of love and dysfunction is the friend you love to hate.

One minute, she teases you prematurely with warmth and outdoor coffee afternoons and the next day rains sleet on your otherwise perfect day.

As summer approaches, the menopause kicks in.
Wednesday, it’s 45 Celsius and you can’t stand to even live, and the next day, that 5 disappears and you pray for pardon that you had been slightly more appreciative of the swelter.

The constancy of California is lost on this little island of love and dysfunction.

But we do love you. You overtaxed, politically crazy, European, language clashing, fashionable, beautiful, intermittent weather-torn hot mess. A conundrum.

From the rainy city that had us begging for airconditioning but hours ago.

Montreal, vous etes belle. On vous aimes. On vous deteste. Mais on reste

Renascence Reunites

21 Aug

As our individual days came to a close, and the cash closed at my high-end department store, nothing screamed Saturday night like a Renascence reunion.

Pam, Fray and Jess have finally reunited as summer in the big city gradually comes to a close. Pam has returned from her sejour in Greece and France, as has Jess, from Florence to Bordeaux, and I, with no time for a European getaway, quickly approach my moving date and move 3 houses all at once, my days in high-end retail slowly coming a close.

We snacked on Spanakopita, sipped on a few (or many) glasses of chilled 2009 Conundrum and Baileys foamed coffee talking Renascence. Starting early September the gang is back and in action, bringing you daily coverage of our fave hot spots, new favorites (or disasters) and the latest on street fashion (both hit and miss) in our complex, confusing, beautiful hot mess: Montreal.

The night continued as it always does, with more drinks, great music, and ridiculous behaviour, laughs, and smiles. Suffice to say from Victoria to Saint Denis to east back to west, cab rapping and taking in the ‘sights’ of a Saturday night in summer, the Renascence kids had another great summer evening.

More ridiculousness to come

Pam, Fray and Jess x