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Bonjour or Hello (or both if you’re lucky)

21 Aug

Montreal from the Old Port

If you don’t live in Montreal, or have never visited us, you’re missing out. Or are you?

It’s never a safe choice.
When we started our sister ‘art scrapbook’ as we like to call it (RENASCENCE309 on tumblr), we posted this little piece, that, in our minds, perfectly describes the veritable ‘hot mess’ that is our city- the one you will come to know so well through Renascence.

La Patrie: Montreal

We have come to the conclusion that Montreal, our little floating island of love and dysfunction is the friend you love to hate.

One minute, she teases you prematurely with warmth and outdoor coffee afternoons and the next day rains sleet on your otherwise perfect day.

As summer approaches, the menopause kicks in.
Wednesday, it’s 45 Celsius and you can’t stand to even live, and the next day, that 5 disappears and you pray for pardon that you had been slightly more appreciative of the swelter.

The constancy of California is lost on this little island of love and dysfunction.

But we do love you. You overtaxed, politically crazy, European, language clashing, fashionable, beautiful, intermittent weather-torn hot mess. A conundrum.

From the rainy city that had us begging for airconditioning but hours ago.

Montreal, vous etes belle. On vous aimes. On vous deteste. Mais on reste


Renascence Reunites

21 Aug

As our individual days came to a close, and the cash closed at my high-end department store, nothing screamed Saturday night like a Renascence reunion.

Pam, Fray and Jess have finally reunited as summer in the big city gradually comes to a close. Pam has returned from her sejour in Greece and France, as has Jess, from Florence to Bordeaux, and I, with no time for a European getaway, quickly approach my moving date and move 3 houses all at once, my days in high-end retail slowly coming a close.

We snacked on Spanakopita, sipped on a few (or many) glasses of chilled 2009 Conundrum and Baileys foamed coffee talking Renascence. Starting early September the gang is back and in action, bringing you daily coverage of our fave hot spots, new favorites (or disasters) and the latest on street fashion (both hit and miss) in our complex, confusing, beautiful hot mess: Montreal.

The night continued as it always does, with more drinks, great music, and ridiculous behaviour, laughs, and smiles. Suffice to say from Victoria to Saint Denis to east back to west, cab rapping and taking in the ‘sights’ of a Saturday night in summer, the Renascence kids had another great summer evening.

More ridiculousness to come

Pam, Fray and Jess x

According to Fray: Health

16 Jul

So I understand that I said I would be back on the blog scence after my short hiatus in the country.

Well, here I am again, blogging lakeside, and really not giving two flying Hawaiian tropic bottles about my extended absence.


What I failed to mention on my last visit is that participating in water sports (in my case tubing, because honestly, who are we kidding here)
comes dangerous consequences. After laughing at my cousin for falling off, the tube flipped, I flipped, and a whole bunch of flipping WTF shit insued.

I posted to you post-tube-flippage, so obviously I was ok, right?

Well obvi-f******-ously not, because waking up at 3 am to searing pain as if my damn appendix exploded was definitely not my idea of a Kodak memory moment of summer adventures at the lake.

After three hours of crawling on my hands and knees, losing my sight, passing out, waking up over and over to “WTF this isn’t a dream”, I finally saw the doctor, and he informed me that I suffered internal bruising and to take it easy.


Called in sick to work, grabbed that bag of peas, and peaced a mother out to the country yet again, yet this time there will be no g-damn tubing so help me God.

A little brozage, a little race change, some extra strong cocktails ce soir, and a hell of a hangover for work Sunday. What summer is really about.
Suffer the city- reap your rewards with family and friends. Live for those WTF nights of true fu**ery.

The damn sun is blaring my screen, but I will post one more time today on another sad as hell trend that I simply can’t stand- cue the violins bitches, ’cause the shits about to hit the fan about THEWHITEBELTOHNOYOUDIDN’T

Yes, guidas and guidos, that shit does not fly…ever.

Till whenever I feel like it,


-Fray x

Daily Dribble: the Country

13 Jul

So I’m going to go all bohemian on your asses and fill you in on my 2-day absence.
Two days off from work in a row equals two days of PEACEOUTWORLD in the country and hello tanning.

I’m down in the country (not up) near the New York border roasting in this micro-climate 95F sun.

The town is basically a throw back to the 50s- or 1890s. Who knows. Nothing is relevant.

Little chalets bordering a blissfully calm bay, with blistering hot sun, roaring seadoos, and cocktail hour from 3-7 (I guess that makes it cocktail 4hours)

Basically, when in Rome, live as the Romans do. Go big or go home. Big boy toys, big boy drinks, and an abundance of opportunities to accelerate that melanoma (wear that SPF bitches. It’s not a joke)

So as I freckle here on the sea-wall, wondering what my next drink of choice will be (yes it’s 12:50pm…don’t judge just because you’re jealous), I am thinking of, well nothing.

I am on hiatus until tomorrow, when I am back to the world of working and sucking in mass quantities of CO2.
Take some time for yourself. Summer is too short to stare at the sun from your kitchen window.

Absorb that bitches rays! It may poof out one day, and you’ll be left freezing and without a tan. Now who wants that?

Fashion picks for these blissful days on the water: As little as possible. No one likes awkward farmer tans. You’re not on a farm, so excuses are minimal.
Lather it on, and take it off.
Summer glow or no-go.

Back in the city by tomorrow.
Till then albinos,

Fray x


8 Jul

Get pumped party people. Chaos is about to erupt!

With 80, 000 people in one outdoor venue, I’m sure this concert event will certainly be a site to see!

Don’t even worry, I’ll be here tomorrow with my thoughts on the ENTIRE night.

Now, what to wear?