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According to Pam: Fur is Back

9 Jan

After spending my two week winter break reading (magazines of course), I seem to have come to a conclusion: Fur is totally back.

Even though this fashion staple has been popular for a few seasons, it keeps reappearing on runways for it luxurious feel and classic touch that designers love.

In fact, I bought my first fur vest just a few weeks ago. I used to find the trend a tad too pretentious and “madame” for my style, but as I looked through magazines and catalogues over break, I noticed that fur details were not too mature at all, but rather trendy and fashionable.

I noticed fur trimming collars and cuffs of jackets or skirts, which puts a playful spin on boring and dark winter apparel.

Also, fur shrugs have grown in popularity this season. My opinion: A fur shrug should be a staple in every fashionista’s closet. My fur vest keeps me warm (well, kinda), looks cute and makes me feel much more glammed up when I’m wearing it. Pair it with a chunky watch and studs for a put together, boho look.

Finally accessories such as hats, boots, gloves and even bags are highlighting the trend. I haven’t personally seen any around yet, but I find something cute about a fur clutch-don’t you?

The final verdict: I recommend everyone purchasing at least one warm and furry item (whether it be real or faux).

It looks like this trend is going to stay around for a while.


Now I am going to finish the last few pages of this month’s Vogue-school starts tomorrow-why do I have a feeling my magazine reading won’t last very long?


Pam x


According to Jess: Young, and already an Icon

8 Jan

I’d like to ring in the New Year by giving some attention to an underestimated fashion star. Most known for her role as the bitch on MTV’s “The City”, Olivia Palermo’s constant effortless chic is inspirational to fashion bloggers/lovers everywhere. Every time she steps out onto the streets, the paparazzi seem to find her, always impeccably dressed.
Olivia’s go-to look is usually menswear-inspired, mostly perfectly executed femme-fatale. She brings new meaning to neutrals, always polished yet never boring, pairing classic pieces with subtle pops of an inner wild side others didn’t know she had. Whether in YSL, Prada, or any other creation of the fashion gods, Olivia always seems to embody power and independence, but also true femininity.

While her TV career was short-lived, her fashion life seems to be ever-lasting. Always on trend, Olivia is already a true style icon.

That’s all for now,

Until next time!